The Only Thing That's Worse Than Finding Out Your PR Writing Isn't Good Enough…

Now, With this PR Writing Course, You Can Become the Most Effective PR Writer You Know in Just 10 Minutes a Day

Dear PR Pro,
This letter is pretty short.

The point is I've designed a PR writing course to help your writing in a way nothing else can.

The question isn't whether or not your PR writing is good. The question is whether or not it's good ENOUGH?

Is it good enough for where you're at?

Is it good enough for where you're trying to go?

Some PR pros get the opportunity to find out the truth. Maybe your boss mentions your writing needs work. Maybe a journalist calls you out on Twitter for a bunch of grammar mistakes.

You might think those are bad things, but they're not. At least you'd know the truth!

The only thing worse than finding out your PR writing isn't good enough is NOT finding out.

If no one ever tells you what's wrong …

If no one ever gives you the tools to fix it …

… then you've got to live with the consequences. And the consequences for bad PR writing are not pretty.

You get passed over for promotions. Your writing gets ignored. Your writing even stops people from taking action.

A skill that should be an asset becomes one of your biggest liabilities.

And the worst part is . . . you may never know.

My message today is about how to take your PR writing to a new level of excellence in a very short period of time.


The Definitive Guide
to PR Writing
PR Writing Course: The Definitive Guide to PR Writing
PR writing course: preview 1
PR writing course: preview 2
PR writing course: preview 3
PR writing course: preview 4
"I wanted this course because I wasn't excited about what I was writing. As a professional journalist for 18 years before coming to PR, I still sometimes fall into writing slumps where the words just sit there on the paper. Not only does Michael breathe life into the fundamentals and active voice, but he also courts creativity and serious strategic thinking. In the last module, he showed me how to tell stories in my content writing. I was thrilled. All of Michael's tips strike the right tone between spare and wordy. I can still have warmth and energy in my writing and not sound like a robot. Slump over!"
Susan Dosier, President
DK Communications, Charlotte, NC
More than 10 years ago, I created a PR writing course to help pros improve their writing. Ever since then, I've been refining what's inside that course to create the maximum transformation in minimum time.

The course is so effective I have no reservations about calling it The Definitive Guide to PR Writing.

You won't find anything more complete, more organized, more effective.

And now, it's available for you to take from anywhere in the world. It's completely online and is designed to make you the best PR writer you know.

The Promotion that Never Appears

 Why not?
I once worked with a PR pro who had hit a ceiling at work. His CEO wouldn't promote him because of his writing. The CEO was busy, so he never took the time to explain exactly what he meant by that.

And the promotion never appeared.

Don't get the impression that this PR pro wasn't extremely talented. He helped the company grow from a startup to a major player.

But when it came time to have a VP of Communications, the CEO went outside the firm and hired someone over him. He ended up leaving shortly after that.

This happens all the time. PR writing that's just not good enough holds people back.

Bosses are busy people. So what happens when you submit a press release for approval and it's littered with issues?

Sometimes you'll get it back. Sometimes, the boss will just edit the release. Maybe it'll even get rewritten.

But you might never even hear about it.

You also won't get a raise or a promotion.

The Only Way You're
100% Destined to Fail in PR

 The recipe.
No PR pro likes to be made fun of for bad writing.
Getting a pitch called out by a snarky journalist who's having a bad day isn't fun.

And damaging the credibility of your organization with bad PR writing certainly isn't something I'd wish on anyone.

But in this day and age, getting ignored is worse. That is certain death in the PR industry.

So here's the bad news:

If your PR writing is getting ignored, if it's not getting the response or action you want, it's not the reader or the topic you were given to work with that's the problem.

The problem is your writing.

Believe it or not, this is also the good news. Because this is something you can FIX.

You don't have to be a creative genius to be a great PR writer. You don't even have to like writing!

You just have to follow the recipe and practice it a little bit.

What Does “Great” PR Writing
Even Look Like?

 The big issue:
The fact is there's no industry-wide standard for what good or even great PR writing is.

I'd venture a guess that most average PR pros wouldn't be able to define “great PR writing” if put on the spot.

The response or action you get from the writing makes it clear if it worked, but that's not really helpful to learn that after the fact.

So if no one knows what the model of great PR writing even looks like, how do you get yourself there?

You can't.

Until now.

Because one of the important parts of this course is to show you exactly what great PR writing is in its major forms.

Throughout this PR writing course, you will get a clear definition and tons of examples of the standard for excellence in PR writing.

That is my promise to you.

Get More Reach and Bigger Results
in 10 min/Day

 Here's how:
When it comes to PR writing, what someone “thinks” about your writing takes a backseat to what they DO (or don't do) because of your writing.
The only thing that matters is reach and results.

In the Definitive Guide to PR Writing, everything is structured to improve your writing in a way that will expand your reach and create a measurable improvement in results.

We cover a lot of valuable material in a very brief amount of time. The focus is on major PR forms including news releases and backgrounders – both in print and online.

A lot has changed in the 10 years I've been working on this. The most important part is the amount of refinement and distillation that has happened.

In other words, it's clear, direct and fast.

In fact, you can make progress in just 10 minutes per day.
"Before I took Michael's online PR writing course, my writing was mediocre. Now that I've completed it, I'm confident in my writing and even find myself citing the course to my boss. I used what I learned to cut an email pitch down and the journalist told me it was great!"

Alisa Langer, Acct Coordinator 
"I've put my teams through Michael's online PR writing course at two different companies. Everyone was overwhelmingly positive and felt they learned a lot. I saw a distinct improvement in the writing skills of almost everyone who took part. The course was engaging and relevant for everyone. I can highly recommend Michael's course and I can assure you – it produces results!"

Maria Kuhn, Corporate Communications Director

Here's What You're Going to Discover in this PR Writing Course:

PR writing course: Module A

The Definitive Guide to Writing Like a Journalist 
Without Having to Be One: Get More Placements,
 Page Views and Shares By Showing Up the Smart Way

  • Why Most PR Writing Is Set Up To Fail and How To Use That To Your Advantage
  • Adopting the New “Excellence-Based” Standard For PR Writing
  • How to Be Direct: Trading in the Complicated for the Simple
  • How To Double Or Triple the Power of Everything You Write
  • Beyond a Reasonable Doubt: How to “Prove Your Case” Without Crossing the Line
  • The Power of Show and Tell: How To Bring Your Words To Life
  • The Power of Show and Tell II: Making Them Believe
  • The “Jargon” Mistake and How to Fix It
PR writing course: Module A

How to Write Press Releases 
Management Will Love and No Editor Can Ignore

  • The Evolution of the News Release and How to Use It Today
  • The Chameleon Principle: How To Set the Proper Tone
  • The Mapping Strategy: How to Write News Releases That EVERYONE Loves
  • The Mapping Strategy II: Getting Past the Gatekeepers
  • The Anatomy of a Successful News Release
  • Starting Off on the Right Foot: What To Say First
  • Making Quotes Work: Why Most News Release Quotes Put Readers to Sleep and a Detailed Strategy For Making Yours Effective
  • How to Think Like a Search Engine Without Writing Like a Robot
  • How to Write Backgrounders and Op-Eds That Get Results
PR writing course: Module A

Polishing For PR Perfection: Master Proofreading 
Principles and Grammar for Boosting Your Credibility & Results

  • Putting Your Writing on a Diet: The Secrets to Saying More By Writing Less
  • How Not to Repeat Yourself, Repeat Yourself
  • The Clichés Trap and How It Can Ruin Your Writing
  • How to Use “Short and Sweet” to Move Readers Forward
  • ​How to Destroy Your Credibility in 100 Words or Less: Horrifying Examples of Bad PR Writing
  • Making It Perfect: Tips and Tricks For Proofreading
  • How To Avoid Word Mix-Ups That Make You Look Dumb (Ouch!)
  • Becoming Your Own Grammar Police: How to Write Error Free Part I
  • Becoming Your Own Grammar Police: How to Write Error Free Part II
PR writing course: Module A

PR Writing Mastery: How to Set Your PR Writing 
Apart From Everyone Else and Maximize Your Impact

  • Writing In Pictures: Applying Creativity Without Distracting Your Readers
  • Mastering the Element of Surprise: How to Use It To Stand Out
  • How To Choose the Words That Keep Readers Engaged
  • Leveraging the Neverending Interest in Story
  • Starting Your Own Writing Style Revolution
  • Tying It All Together: The 14-Step Smarter Writing Process

What are the pros who already enrolled saying?

"Michael knows the challenges and grief we face as PR pros. With his typical flair, he shows how we can transform these weaknesses into strengths. He teaches bedrock principles and then how to apply those principles with real-world examples and hands-on exercises. He packages all of this goodness with an enthusiasm that propels you along. It's fast-paced, it's fun and something I'll be sharing with the rest of my team."
Ken Li, PR Director
Chempetitive Group, Chicago

"I purchased Michael's writing course because I have already experienced great success in garnering media coverage from using his tips and tools provided through the Inner Circle. I was looking for an opportunity to expand my PR writing and storytelling proficiency. So far, the course is insightful and engaging and has already taught me important lessons that I know will assist me with improving my writing skills."
Katrina Crocker, Comms & Marketing Specialist 
Central NY Community Foundation, Syracuse, NY

"Last year, I bought Michael's “Crafting the Perfect Pitch” course and I benefited immensely from it. Thanks to his tips, I am now able to land more media placements than ever before. So when Michael introduced his “Definitive Guide to PR Writing” course, it was a no-brainer for me. Within 10 minutes of the course introduction, I bought it. I know I will improve my writing skills the same way I improved my pitching skills."
Jay Srinivasan, PR Manager 
LAN, Washington DC

If Your Writing Isn't Good 
Enough, Everything Else Suffers

I talk a lot about pitching in my work because that's what I mainly help PR pros do. But there is no part of PR that is not directly impacted by your ability to write well.

So excellence in PR writing is extremely important, if not THE most important skill you have.

We're not talking about “business writing” here. We're talking about PR writing. That means writing in a way where you use facts and transparency to move people to action.

That's what PR is about: Action. Response. Impact.

Read This If You're REALLY Busy and Can't Imagine Fitting ONE More Thing on Your To Do List

 Yes, you there.
We're all busy, and it often seems that we're so busy we don't have time to get any real work done.

The issue isn't that you're busy, the real issue is understanding WHY and what to do about it.

Most PR pros are busy because they don't know a better way. They are forced to work more simply because they don't know how to work smarter.

There's a big difference between the two.

The Definitive Guide to PR Writing is a key to working smarter. With this PR writing course, you can make progress in as little as 10 minutes per day. At that rate, you'll be done in a month and your writing will create more with you doing less.

This is leverage – and leverage is the way to get less busy.

You may be so busy today that you can't see straight. I get it.

The big question is this: Do you want to still be this way next year?

How to Get Started

 Price & schedule info.
If you were to take this course from me in a live workshop setting, it would require you to pay for travel, take two days out of the office, and pay the workshop fee of at least $1300.
This online course allows you to learn at your desk or at home, at your convenience. And the rate for the complete course and the ease of your convenience is just $799.

Please note: Your enrollment fee will grant you access to the course materials for the next 365 days. That should give you plenty of time to work through everything several times over if you choose.

The entire course is offered online through a series of videos and teaching sessions. You can work at your own pace and repeat each lesson or module as often as you desire.

You also have the option to purchase one module at a time, for $249 each.
"I've had the pleasure of taking several of Michael's PR writing courses over the years and I am one of his biggest fans. Michael is not only an awesome trainer but his personal style and method of explaining things really gets to the core to help continually improve your writing and PR skills and utilize them in your daily work life. I highly recommend Michael's training to anyone who wants to be a better PR practitioner."

Nicola Blazier, VP

Your Satisfaction is Completely Guaranteed

Enroll in the Definitive Guide to PR Writing, work through the modules, put the strategies and tactics to use in your work.

If you are not satisfied with the course for ANY reason, simply email my office within 30 days for a full, no-hassle refund of every penny paid.
PR writing course: Satisfaction Guarantee

The Complete Definitive Guide to PR Writing only $799!

Or purchase modules individually for $249 each.

Enroll in all four modules of the Definitive Guide to PR Writing and get my comprehensive process for excellence in PR writing.
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Michael Smart helps PR professionals boost their positive media coverage. He advises brands such as General Motors and Wounded Warrior Project, as well as PR agencies and smaller companies.

People who have attended his workshops or taken his online courses consistently land coverage in outlets like the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, BusinessInsider, Mashable, and the top blogs or trade outlets in their industries.

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