Get Beyond the Daily PR Grind to Get Better Results WITHOUT Being Tethered to Your Phone 24/7
Michael Smart will share his best strategies for taking back your time and sanity to leave behind your frazzled, harried work life without ticking off co-workers, clients and bosses!

Thursday, January 10th

@ 3:00PM EST / 12:00PM PST
with Michael Smart

"You did a solid job convincing me that [your tips] will make me more productive, and after testing this theory for a week or so, I was sold by my new levels of productivity.”

Natalia Switalia, PR Manager, COMSOL
A Few Things You Will Learn On This FREE Webinar:
#1: Scheduling Your Work
Scientific research proves the conventional approach to day-to-day work in PR is the absolute opposite of what works best.
#2: Changing Expectations
It is possible to change others’ expectation of you from “responsive” to “effective.”
I'll show you how.
#3: Setting Boundaries
Specific phrases in your emails and conversations with others can help you build respect as you set boundaries.
This is the first time I’ve ever shared this training outside my paid programs. Unless you are one of my paying clients, you have never heard me teach any of these techniques and principles. 
PR Pros Michael Has Trained
Non Profits

"Your training has been a game changer. After going through it, I have been able to knock out important tasks in the morning, leaving my afternoons more open to researching journalists and touching base with internal folks – resulting in more story ideas. Thanks again for encouraging PR people to put themselves first."

Cassandra Novy, PR Manager, St. Luke’s Hospital

"I just spent an hour listening to Michael Smart (one of the nation’s best media pitching gurus) via webinar sharing tips for increasing productivity and improving work/life balance. He’s one of my favorite PR people. I don’t want distraction to dictate my days. I don’t have it all figured out so I’m starting small with just a few of Michael Smart’s suggestions."

Courtenay Sprunger, Owner, Big Sky PR

"After the webinar, I immediately followed Michael’s first recommendation. This morning . . . I buckled down for a solid hour of project work. I had a draft press release for my supervisor’s review shortly after that hour was over, and I am amazed at how much work I can accomplish with uninterrupted focus. "

Melissa Gloudeman, Marketing Comms Specialist, TASC, Madison, Wisc.
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