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Welcome to the Respected Expert Intensive.

This 4-week experience is where you'll come to earn the true respect you need to make your biggest impact for good.

Built for all PR pros, whether you do media relations or not.
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About the Respected Expert Intensive
The Respected Expert Intensive is the only resource in the world for PR pros to earn the respect you deserve from bosses, clients and coworkers to get big results AND your life back.

My other programs teach tactics and strategies to succeed in PR. 

This Intensive is completely different. It's about creating freedom in your life — freedom to implement the stuff that gets big results while ignoring (or at least moderating) incessant distractions, so that you can execute the vital few actions you know really matter. 

You'll gain mastery in:
1. Overcoming people-pleasing tendencies

... without losing your innate goodness
2. Expressing your real value with confidence

... without sounding like a jerk
3. Eliminating beliefs that keep you playing small

... so you can fulfill your true potential
4. Staying grounded daily in your WHY

... to have the flexibility, fulfillment and impact you desire
PR Pro Michael Smart
Michael Smart
Why I Created the Respected Expert Intensive
You know me as the “pitch guy” because that’s what all my clients want help with. Pitching the media is the activity that leads to the outcome of getting the coverage they want. 

But when I get to work closely with teams or individuals, we always end up working on something much deeper than how to craft the perfect pitch or build relationships with journalists. 

In every single case, we get into some part of their mindset and how they view themselves. This isn’t therapy — I’m just showing them their true value, instead of the value of whatever product or service they’re pitching. It’s my favorite thing about the work I do, because helping at this level improves every area of my clients’ lives, not just their pitching. 

In fact, I was on two recent calls with different owners of small agencies. They both wanted to discuss how I could help them and their teams get more media placements. In both cases, I ended up helping them see some limiting beliefs that were holding them back in the way they came across to their clients. 

At the end of both calls, they each said, “You should coach people on this stuff.”

I’ve also received countless messages over the years like the one below, where fantastic PR pros admit to their struggle with how to do their job and stay sane without being viewed negatively because they try to set boundaries. 
"In PR (and work in general) I feel like I’m constantly trying to toe the line of proving myself as a capable practitioner without being labeled a bad kind of ambitious/assertive. 

"Part of the stress comes from trying to live up to an ideal image of the person who has it all together at work (great writer, strategic mind, consistently churns out amazing campaigns, lands the big news story, respected by all of her colleagues) while also balancing whatever life she’s got going on outside of work. 

"You’ve mentioned before that PR tends to attract people pleasers — I have to say no consistently to so many people when they come to me with crappy content they want me to push out that I’m forever fretting about balancing being likable with being respected for my expertise."
So to help you respect yourself more, demand the respect you deserve at work, and understand the true value you deliver, I created the Respected Expert Intensive. 

It’s engineered to help you find more fulfillment in your career, improve your confidence to stand for your value, and really make a difference with your amazing abilities.

Clients who have experienced this transformation with me
PR Pro Kate Lessman
Michael helped me realize my sense of worth — to be confident in myself and my abilities, and that I shouldn’t discount the value I bring clients with my experience.

He also gave me the confidence to “put myself out there” to help grow and get new business.
Kate Lessman
Owner, Think Big Media PR
PR Pro Ken Li
Working with Michael changed my beliefs about my worth to my company, and led directly to me requesting and receiving better pay and the freedom to work from home four days a week. He has also helped me fight perfectionism and accept limitations — I over prepare less and have accepted that “good enough” is necessary in some cases to achieve greatness in the most important ones.
Ken Li
PR Director, CG Life
PR Pro Susan Dosier
Michael showed me that I’m worthy of the same respect that I give my clients, and that’s it’s okay to set boundaries.

Through our coaching sessions, I’ve seen that I need to eliminate things to make room for things I want, and that it’s okay to earn Money (cap intentional).
Susan Dosier
Owner, DK Communications Group
What's Included
You’ll join an intimate group of PR pros for four brisk, weekly live webinars where you’ll get: 
  • Training: My best material on becoming a Respected Expert, up until now reserved for high-priced individual coaching clients
  • Live Coaching: You or a fellow participant get the opportunity to let me talk you through PR-specific situation and the related mindset shift right on the live webinar. 
  • Exercises: Guides that walk you through how to escape common limiting beliefs and replace them with a conviction of the true value you deliver. 
  •  Checklists and One-Pagers: These documents offer you quick reference to all key takeaways, allowing you fast action where it will really make a difference.
  •  Recordings: Each session will be recorded so you can revisit specific training topics and your "Ahas!" so you can keep growing in your career.
Week 1: Determine and confidently express your real value at work without sounding like a jerk
  • What your bosses/clients are REALLY paying you for
  • Language of top PR pros
Week 2: Overcoming people-pleasing tendencies without losing your innate goodness
  •  Set your own agenda instead of being subjected to everyone else’s
  •  Be comfortable asking for what you want/need to be successful
Week 3: Returning to your WHY: making sure your career gives you the flexibility, fulfillment and impact you aspire to
  •  Connect your work life with your real life
  •  Confront hidden fears that are holding you back
Week 4: Limiting beliefs that prevent you from fulfilling your full potential
  •  Dealing with perfectionism
  •  How to develop confidence at work
  •  Outgrowing “impostor syndrome”

If you’re thinking “This sounds great, Michael, but there’s no way I can carve out an hour a week, for even just one month . . .” 

Then you need this even more than you realize.
When I coach PR pros 1-on-1, their biggest source of fulfillment and new levels of clarity kick in when I help them gain control of their calendar to be proactive and work on what’s most important for them.

Every single time someone says they don’t have time for something, I know that it’s because they are reacting to the latest-and-loudest distraction, chasing every demand thrown their way. It’s the exact OPPOSITE of how a Respected Expert operates. 

So, don’t let overwhelm prevent you from investing in yourself and keep you from becoming the Respected Expert you want to be.
Do you want to shed the image of “task-doer” and earn the right to set your own agenda for the PR strategies that will achieve the highest good for your organization?
You know you need to meet your clients' and bosses’ expectations. The fact that you’re here means you want to blow those expectations out of the water. But to do that, you need people to trust that you know how to do it on your own. 

It’s impossible to get the big results that will propel your organization (and your career) forward when you’re constantly interrupted with requests to “review this article” or “write this release” or “respond to this inquiry,” without the freedom to evaluate the importance and urgency of each request. 

If you’re ready to earn the true respect for PR that you need to make your biggest impact for good, becoming the Respected Expert in your company is the answer. 
PR Training Group - Satisfaction Guarantee

All backed by my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you don’t get significant results in becoming a more confident and fulfilled Respected Expert at work from the actions you take during the Intensive, I’ll refund every penny.

So you have all the upside and none of the risk by investing in yourself today.

No-Brainer Pricing
Even though I charge $850/hour for 1-on-1 coaching and my two PR courses sell for $799 each, I am pricing this extremely low. I’m doing it because I want to make it accessible to as many of my followers as possible to validate it for an even larger market. 

The Intensive will never be priced this low again. It's up to you, but if you know your best work and impact lie on the other side of elevating the respect you command from others, now is the time.

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