Ready to Stop Feeling Like An Indentured Servant?
You can finally be free and add at least 30 minutes of uninterrupted, massively productive time every day.

How great will it feel to finally be able to think, create, and clear your head?!
*DEADLINE TO JOIN: Thursday, January 16 at 5pm Pacific
PR Pro Cassandra Novy
Cassandra Novy
PR Manager, St. Luke’s Hospital
"Your training has been a game changer! After going through it, I have been able to knock out important tasks in the morning, leaving my afternoons more open to researching journalists and touching base with internal folks – resulting in more story ideas. Thanks again for encouraging PR people to put themselves first."
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Work Smarter, Not Harder
Get Beyond the Daily PR Grind to Get Better Results WITHOUT Being Tethered to Your Phone 24/7
Presented LIVE on Thursday, Jan. 10, 2019
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About the 30-Day Work Smart Reset
After spending years feeling overwhelmed in my PR career, I had to find a better way to manage my day-to-day, or else I was destined for burnout. There was no way I could keep up with the demands at work AND stay married AND be a dad AND stay involved in my volunteer work AND not have a heart attack. 

There’s something askew in the PR world where they expect you to work as if you are single and without a family, while the rest of the world expects you to parent as though you don’t have a career. 

Needless to say, I worked very intentionally to discover a solution that gave me my sanity back and didn’t result in me being fired. In fact, my results skyrocketed once I implemented this. I got more and better results, had more time to think and be proactive, and even had a surplus of time and energy to be a husband, father, and volunteer.

I wasn’t sure whether my discovery was a fluke or if it could be replicated with other PR pros in different roles or organizations. 

So, I put it to the test. 

It’s been used by dozens of my clients since - working PR pros across industries - and the results are nothing short of a miracle in my opinion. 

Everyone gains at least 30 minutes of focused, uninterrupted time each day (about one-third will gain an hour or more!). That’s part of the guarantee for you if you join the 30-Day Work Smart Reset

Their overwhelm disappears, or at least goes down significantly. 

Their results go way up! Some even got raises and promotions they never would have received if they hadn’t made the changes I gave them.

In the end, they ALL significantly benefited from it!

Are you ready to experience the same outcomes by this time next month?

PR Pro Melissa Gloudeman
"I immediately followed Michael’s first recommendation. This morning, I buckled down for a solid hour of project work. I had a draft press release for my supervisor’s review shortly after that hour was over, and I am amazed at how much work I can accomplish with uninterrupted focus."
Melissa Gloudeman
Marketing Comms Specialist, TASC, Madison, Wisc. 
PR Pro Rachel Sentes
“The Reset is life-changing!”
Rachel Sentes
CEO, gal-friday publicity
PR Pro Natalia Switalia
"You did a solid job convincing me that your tips will make me more productive and after testing this theory for over a week, I was sold by my new levels of productivity."
Natalia Switalia
PR Manager, COMSOL
How You’ll Complete The 30-Day Work Smart Reset 
The goal: more time, more head space, and less distractions through simple, specific action in less than 10 minutes a day for 30 days.
Daily Email + Action Item
Every morning you will receive an email from me with a specific strategy and instructions how to put it to use immediately. It will often take less than 10 minutes to read and put to use and the results will be instantaneous (or within a day or two at most). 

And if you can’t get to a few of them, don’t worry. They were created in a strategic order, but work just fine tackling them in any order, so you can go back and catch up or re-read them anytime. In fact, many of my clients that have gone through this revisit them every few months to keep dialing in their day to best support them.
Get daily support for being effective in your PR work
Two LIVE Q&As with Michael Smart
Two Live Q&As
I LOVE interacting with my clients, especially when they are putting my strategies to use and getting results. So I’ve included two live Q&As with me, the first halfway through the program and the second at the end. They will be recorded and you can access them anytime in case you can’t make them.

On them, you’ll be able to ask specific questions about how to implement any of the strategies shared so you can get my personal coaching on how best to make it fit for you. You’ll also hear from other users and glean insights about how they’re putting this all to use as they ask their questions and get feedback from me.
Work smarter in PR and get better results
Lowest Price + Highest ROI
The last thing I want is for you to NOT regain control of your life because you can’t justify spending for it. At just $74, I’ve made this the absolute lowest price of any training I’ve ever delivered, short of giving it away for free since I know you would be less likely to complete it if I did give it away.

You’re guaranteed at least 30 additional minutes of focused, uninterrupted time each day. Plus, the reduced stress and overwhelm are essentially priceless, especially when it makes you a more engaged and happy person for everyone in your life. 

All this for $74.
My Promise To You
I created the 30-Day Work Smart Reset for you. I want to help you end the overwhelm, once and for all, and get you off the hamster wheel that never seems to stop.
  • More Time
  • More Head Space
  • Less Distraction
You are too talented and too important to everyone in your life to be running around with your hair on fire, unable to give the attention and energy necessary to be fully engaged. 

Give me just 10 minutes a day for the next 30 days and I guarantee your life will be so much better for it. 

If you don’t end up with at least 30 additional minutes of focused, sanity-restoring time every day, and don’t experience a significant drop in your overwhelm, then I’ll give you your money back. I’m confident that this is exactly what you need right now and am happy to take away all the risk for you to join me. 

I know this might sound self-serving, but I really want to implore you to not let the fires of the day prevent you from joining the program. They’ll never stop showing up in your life if you can’t learn what I’m going to give you and equip you to finally shut them down before they ever start.
I can’t wait to hear how this transforms your work and your life.
Here’s what PR pros like you said after completing the Reset last year:
"You should go through the 30-day Reset to get back to the place when you enjoyed work and looked forward to the day."
"Wake-up call to the reality of distractions with a solid series of steps that produce real results - less stress, more time, proper focus on priorities."
"I now work 4 days a week. I realized that most emails that come my way don’t require a response for at least a day, which has not only freed me to work smarter during the day but my increased productivity has allowed me to work less days during the week. This was my ultimate goal in starting the Reset. My future goal is to work 3 days a week when I have children."
"I was surprised that no one noticed I was taking longer to respond to email. Nothing came crashing down, even as I was gearing up for an event."
"Making an effort to avoid digital distractions has allowed me to pick up another hobby."
"The biggest change is in my sense of well being, not just my output and productivity."
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