Hi, Spin Sucks fans . . . ever get frustrated when journalists and bloggers don’t respond to your emails?
Get the Cold Email Subject Line That Got An 80% Response Rate From National Media
One time of many when I was in that situation, I carefully crafted customized pitches to seven top-tier business writers. The pitch was relevant to about 100, but I started with those seven.

The New York Times writer wrote back: “Sure, sounds great!”

The Wall Street Journal contact responded, “I’m always happy to look at things like this.”

Those people had never heard from me before. Not by email. Not by any other “inbox.” So why did they even open my cold email pitch?

Because I had figured out a subject line formula that earned responses from national media 80 percent of the time.

This isn't about "spin." Spin sucks -- You, Gini and I agree on that.

So I understand if you think an 80% response rate isn't achievable. If our positions were switched, I would be skeptical as well.

But I'm willing to prove it to you. By offering you this "magic" subject line along with a clear explanation about the psychology behind the words (you'll get a 2-page PDF), you'll be able to quickly adapt it for your own pitches.

All I ask is that you read it carefully and only use this power for good.

Let me know where to send it:
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